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【GIFT】10 bags of DRIPBAG &5 walnuts monaka
【GIFT】10 bags of DRIPBAG &5 walnuts monaka
【GIFT】10 bags of DRIPBAG &5 walnuts monaka
【GIFT】10 bags of DRIPBAG &5 walnuts monaka
【GIFT】10 bags of DRIPBAG &5 walnuts monaka
【GIFT】10 bags of DRIPBAG &5 walnuts monaka

【GIFT】10 bags of DRIPBAG &5 walnuts monaka

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DRIPBAG 10 bags & 5 pieces of walnut bean jam

This gift box contains 10 DRIPBAGs and 5 BONGEN walnuts.
It can be used as a gift, a year-end gift, a mid-year gift, or any other gift.
The package of coffee beans is BONGENCOFFEE original series.
The warm tea bag gently wraps the fresh coffee.


①DRIPBAG 10 bags
Please choose one from 4 kinds of BONGEN regular series.
5 pieces of BONGEN Walnut

Line up

Kenya "Aroma" Shallow Roast (High Roast)
Shallow roast with strong flavor, thick acidity, and richness that is worth drinking.
Source" Brazil Full City Roast (medium-deep roast)
BONGEN original blend. Luxurious use of sweet Bourbon Brazil.
Charcoal Grilled Colombia (French Roast)
Deep and sweet coffee with a gentle taste like milk chocolate.
Naturally Grown Coffee Beans: Uganda City Roast (medium roast)
Naturally grown coffee beans without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which can only be grown in limited areas.
For more information about our coffee beans, please visit the individual product pages.

BONGEN Walnut Cake

Make your sigh of relief more heartwarming. The walnuts are carefully selected and kneaded with honey. Once you try it, you will be addicted to the mild sweetness and bitterness of the walnuts. The combination with coffee is also exquisite. Please spend more wonderful time with coffee and walnut maka.

Gift Box

The logo of BONGENCOFFEE is lavishly stamped on the jet black box.
The gorgeous and luxurious box will make your coffee beans look even better.

Wrapping Paper

You can choose from two types of wrapping paper to wrap your precious coffee beans and gift box.
Please choose from the pictures according to your preference.
The material is rainguard, so it can be delivered to the recipient without worrying about rainwater penetration.
Dark blue "background color" × "pattern" hot pepper color
"background color" hot pepper color × "pattern" dark blue
Please fill in the remarks column.
If you don't write it, we will send you the product only.

Noshi (wrapping cloth)

Noshi (wrapping paper) is available.
The mizuhiki is prepared with a butterfly knot.
Please select the name and address in the remarks column.
Please fill in the remarks column.
Please fill in the remarks column. *If no remarks are made, we will send the product only.

About multiple shipping addresses

We can accept multiple deliveries.
Please write it in the remarks column.

Example of remarks column

Example of delivery address ①
Address] 2-16-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Noshi (wrapping paper): Letter "Gorei" and address "Bongen

Example of delivery address (2)
Address] 2-16-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Noshi: Letter "year-end gift" with "Bon-Gen" as the address

Product details

Product name: Regular coffee
Raw material: Coffee beans
Country of origin: Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya, Colombia, Uganda
Contents:8g×10 bags, 5 walnut monaka
Storage method:Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.
Cautions: After opening the package, please consume as soon as possible.
Manufactured and distributed by: BONGENCOFFEE/SHIRAFUSHI

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