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【Trial Set】7 kinds of coffee beans
【Trial Set】7 kinds of coffee beans
【Trial Set】7 kinds of coffee beans
【Trial Set】7 kinds of coffee beans

【Trial Set】7 kinds of coffee beans

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【Trial Set】.

"7 kinds of coffee beans BONGEN original series"

It is a trial set of a small amount of 60g of the full lineup of 7 kinds of regular series and roasting place series that you have been enjoying since the establishment of BONGENCOFFFEE.
You can enjoy 5 cups by using 60g of one type and 12g of one cup.
It is recommended for those who want to try the taste first, and for those who want to enjoy various flavors because you can enjoy all of them from decaf, shallow roast to deep roast.
Also, if you are preparing coffee for your loved ones at home, why don't you choose from 7 types of coffee like at BONGENCOFFEE? It is sure to be appreciated.
The package is BONGENCOFFEE original series.
The warm tea bag gently wraps the fresh coffee.


"Aroma" Kenya Shallow Roast (High Roast)
Shallow roast with strong flavor, thick acidity, and richness that is worth drinking.
Source" Brazil Full City Roast (medium-deep roast)
BONGEN original blend. Luxurious use of sweet Bourbon Brazil.
Charcoal Grilled Colombia (French Roast)
Deep and sweet coffee with a gentle taste like milk chocolate.
Naturally Grown Coffee Beans: Uganda City Roast (medium roast)
Naturally grown coffee beans without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which can only be grown in limited areas.
ORGANIC DECAF" Full City Roast (Medium Deep Roast)
Decaffeinated coffee beans made in Mexico using the Mountain Water Process, which removes caffeine using only high quality water from Mexico's highest mountain range without using any chemicals.
When it comes to decaffeinated coffee, we hear many people say that they cannot expect the taste. However, this decaffeinated coffee is different.
The color of the coffee beans itself is deep, but the taste is clean because of the decaffeinated coffee beans.

Ginza BLEND Medium Deep Roast (Full City Roast)

The finest Mandarins. Pleasant bitterness, richness and sweetness. You can enjoy the aftertaste after you finish drinking.

GOOD OLD BLEND Deep Roast(French Roast)

Deep roast of the highest quality Ethiopia. It is too luxurious for a deep roast.

For more information about our coffee beans, please visit the individual product pages.

Product details

Item:Regular coffee
Ingredients: coffee beans
Country of origin: Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya, Colombia, Uganda, Mexico, Indonesia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya
Contents:60g x 7 kinds
Storage Method: Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.
Cautions for use: Please consume as soon as possible after opening the package.
Manufactured and distributed by: BONGENCOFFEE/SHIRAFUSHI

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