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This is a coffee bean gift of BONGEN original blend and organic decaf.

You can enjoy it as a gift, year-end gift, mid-year gift, or other gift.

The most popular BONGENBLEND and the organic decaf, which is very popular because it doesn't feel like decaf, are sure to please both coffee lovers who want to drink coffee (caffeine) and those who drink too much and want to control caffeine.

The coffee beans are packaged at with the warm BONGENCOFFEE original series
The package is a premium package.
The recipient will be delighted with the luxurious foil-stamping and special feeling.


Gen" Brazil Full City Roast (medium-deep roast)
BONGEN original blend. Luxuriously uses the sweet Bourbon variety of Brazil.
ORGANIC DECAF" Full City Roast (medium-deep roast)
Decaffeinated coffee beans made in Mexico using the Mountain Water Process, which removes caffeine using only high quality water from Mexico's highest mountain range without using any chemicals.
When it comes to decaffeinated coffee, we hear many people say that they cannot expect the taste. However, this decaffeinated coffee is different.
The color of the coffee beans itself is deep color, but the taste is clear because of the decaffeinated coffee beans.

Gift Box

BONGENCOFFEE logo is lavishly stamped on the jet black box with a sense of quality.
The gorgeous and luxurious box will make your coffee beans look more beautiful.

Wrapping Paper

You can choose from two types of wrapping paper to wrap your precious coffee beans and gift box.
Please choose from the pictures according to your preference.
The material is rainguard, so it can be delivered to the recipient without worrying about rainwater penetration.
Dark blue "background color" × "pattern" hot pepper color
"Background color" dark blue × "Pattern" dark blue

Noshi (wrapping cloth)

Noshi (wrapping paper) is also available.
The mizuhiki is prepared with a bow.
Please select a name and a cover letter in the remarks column.
Please fill in the remarks column.
Please fill in the remarks column. *If no remarks are made, we will send the product only.

About multiple shipping addresses

We can accept multiple deliveries.
Please write it in the remarks column.

Example of remarks column

Example of delivery address ①
Address] 2-16-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Noshi (wrapping paper): Letter "Gorei" and address "Bongen
Example of delivery address (2)
Address] 2-16-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Noshi: Letter "year-end gift" with "Coffee" as the address

Product details

Product name: Regular coffee
Raw material: Coffee beans
Country of origin: Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico
Contents:200g x 2 kinds
Storage Method:Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.
Precautions: Please consume as soon as possible after opening the package.
Manufactured and distributed by: BONGENCOFFEE/SHIRAFUSHI

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