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DRIPBAG] 7 Kinds of Coffee Beans Set
DRIPBAG] 7 Kinds of Coffee Beans Set
DRIPBAG] 7 Kinds of Coffee Beans Set
DRIPBAG] 7 Kinds of Coffee Beans Set
DRIPBAG] 7 Kinds of Coffee Beans Set

DRIPBAG] 7 Kinds of Coffee Beans Set

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Luxury 7 kinds of coffee beans

This drip bag set allows you to enjoy all the flavors of the 4 types of regular series and 3 types of SHIRAFUSHI from the roasting shop series that BONGENCOFFEE has been enjoying since its establishment. (7 types x 5 bags each)
You can enjoy all the flavors from shallow roast to deep roast, naturally grown, and decaffeinated, so we recommend this set for those who want to enjoy a wide variety of flavors.
You can enjoy different flavors for a month.
All you need is a cup of hot water and a drip bag to enjoy BONGEN coffee.
With hot water and drip bags, you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee not only at home, but also on the road, business trips, mountain climbing, camping, picnics, and any other occasions.


BONGEN Original Series

Aroma " Kenya Shallow Roast (High Roast)
Shallow roast with strong flavor, thick acidity, and a full-bodied taste.
Source" Brazil Full City Roast (Medium-Deep Roast)
BONGEN's original blend. The sweet Bourbon Brazilian beans are used in this rich blend.
Charcoal Roast" Colombia (French Roast)
The coffee's depth and sweetness, with a gentle taste like milk chocolate.
Uganda City Roast (medium roast)
Naturally grown coffee beans without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which can only be grown in limited areas.

SHIRAFUSHI Roastery Series

ORGANIC DECAF" Full City Roast (medium deep roast)
These Mexican decaffeinated coffee beans are made using the mountain water process, which removes caffeine from the beans using only high quality water from Mexico's highest mountain range, without the use of any chemicals.
Many people say that when it comes to decaffeinated coffee, you cannot expect it to taste good. However, this decaffeinated coffee is different.
The coffee beans themselves are deep in color, but the decaffeinated coffee beans have a refreshing taste.

Ginza BLEND Medium Deep Roast (Full City Roast ) The finest Mandarin. Comfortable bitterness, richness and sweetness. You can enjoy the lingering aftertaste after you finish it.                                     GOOD OLD BLEND Deep roast (French roast ) The best Ethiopian deep roast. Too luxurious to be deep roasted.

You can see the details of the coffee beans in the individual product listings.

This product is a special online offer.
The drip bag available at the store is the original blend.
If you would like to order other than the original blend at the store, please place an order in advance (by phone or email) or pick up at the store from our online store.

Product Details

Item name: Regular coffee
Ingredient: Coffee beans
Green bean producing countries: Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya, Colombia, Uganda, Mexico, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Guatemala
Content: 8g x 35 bags
Storage method: Keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
Precautions for use: Please consume as soon as possible after opening.
Manufactured and distributed by: BONGENCOFFEE/SHIRAFUSHI

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