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【GIFT】Tora-no-o gift boxed
【GIFT】Tora-no-o gift boxed
【GIFT】Tora-no-o gift boxed
【GIFT】Tora-no-o gift boxed
【GIFT】Tora-no-o gift boxed
【GIFT】Tora-no-o gift boxed
【GIFT】Tora-no-o gift boxed

【GIFT】Tora-no-o gift boxed

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Tora no o Gift Box

BONGENCOFFEE's top quality line "Tora no O" coffee beans in a gift box.
You will be pleased with this gift box for gifts, year-end gifts, mid-year gifts, and other gift purposes.
The package is a premium package.
The luxurious foil stamping gives a sense of luxury and specialness that will please the recipient.


This is the highest quality line of coffee beans developed by SHIRAFUSHIROASTERS. " Tiger's tail " comes from the legend of stepping on a tiger's tail. It is named for those who are willing to venture into expensive and special flavors. The degree of roasting is high roast ( shallow roast ) that you can enjoy the fruitiness of the coffee the most. I think you have been drinking a lot of kinds of coffee. You may have drunk too many different types of coffee and want to try a new flavor. In such a case, we recommend this " Tiger's Tail " with confidence. Why don't you enjoy a completely different kind of coffee by yourself or with your friends and family?

Coffee Beans

Colombia El Paraiso Farm Anaerobic

The process after harvesting is done at the El Paraiso farm located at an altitude of 1,930m. By adding ingenuity to the anaerobic fermentation and drying methods, this product has a taste and flavor like no other.

The anaerobic fermentation is carried out in the cherry state for 48 hours at a temperature of 18°C. After de-pulping, the cherries undergo another anaerobic fermentation at a temperature of 19°C for 96 hours.
In the washing process, the fruit is first washed in hot water at 40 degrees Celsius and then washed again in water at 12 degrees Celsius.
In the drying process, the product is dried for 34 hours at a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius and humidity of 25 degrees Celsius, with a moisture value of 11%.

The process is mostly water washing, but the fermentation is done in a closed tank using bacteria that can live without oxygen, resulting in a unique taste. It is a high quality product that has gone through a very complicated process, including pulping, second fermentation after removal, and temperature control during rinsing.

The flavour is strawberry chocolate and the intense fruity taste is reminiscent of the famous Geisha.

Considering that it is difficult to obtain from the stage of the green bean because of the generation process and high quality, the possibility of high is very high, so it is one of the products that you should try.


Strawberry chocolate

Refining method

Double Anaerobic Fermentation

Gift box

The logo of BONGENCOFFEE is luxuriously foil-stamped on the jet-black box with a sense of quality.
The gorgeous and luxurious box will make your coffee beans look more beautiful.

Wrapping Paper

You can choose from two types of wrapping paper to wrap your precious coffee beans and gift box.
Please choose from the pictures according to your preference.
The material is rainguard, so it can be delivered to the recipient without worrying about rainwater penetration.
Dark blue "background color" × "pattern" hot pepper color
"background color" hot pepper color × "pattern" dark blue
Please fill in the remarks column.
If you don't write it, we will send you the product only.

Noshi (wrapping cloth)

Noshi (wrapping paper) is available.
The mizuhiki is prepared with a butterfly knot.
Please select the name and address in the remarks column.
Please fill in the remarks column.
Please fill in the remarks column. *If no remarks are made, we will send the product only.

About multiple shipping addresses

We can accept multiple deliveries.
Please write it in the remarks column.

Example of remarks column

Example of delivery address ①
Address] 2-16-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Noshi (wrapping paper): Letter "Gorei" and address "Bongen

Example of delivery address (2)
Address] 2-16-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Noshi: Letter "year-end gift" with "Bon-Gen" as the address

Product details

Product name: Regular coffee
Raw material: Coffee beans
Country of origin: Colombia
Storage Method:Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.
Cautions for use: Please consume as soon as possible after opening the package.
Manufactured and distributed by: SHIRAFUSHI/BONGENCOFFEE

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