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Suppliers for opening a café

When opening a café or restaurant, it is necessary to purchase materials from a variety of suppliers. You may have to choose from a variety of suppliers based on price, delivery time, quality, and after-sales service. In this article, we would like to introduce some of the suppliers that we often hear about in the course of actually operating a restaurant, by category.

Coffee beans/baked beans (cafes that do not roast their own beans)

Roasteries in various regions


Key Coffee

Coffee beans/broiled beans (cafes that roast their own beans)

Marubeni Foods

Cellard Coffee


Wataru Corporation

Ataka Trading Co.

Kanematsu Corporation

Madura Coffee Co.

Fresh Bean Honpo

US Foods

Food Suppliers

Mitsubishi Foods Corporation



Food Suppliers

Takase Bussan

Nishihara Shokai

Package Purchasing


Seiwa Corporation

Yamani Package


Store Express

We are sure that there are other suppliers that may be necessary depending on the type of business of the store and other factors. We suggest that you research on the Internet, visit actual stores, or use various other methods to find the best supplier for your needs.


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