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Spend time with people

When we spend time with our loved ones and our favorite things, we are able to relax and forget our worries.
Likewise, SHIRAFUSHI / BONGEN coffee is meticulously designed to be a source of comfort and support.


A pure Japanese-style home-roasted coffee shop with bonsai, plastering walls, grilled cedar, and a ceiling that originated in Ginza. Coffee loved all over the world from Ginza, one of the world's leading areas. Proposing "Relief" through an extraordinary space. We use our own roaster to select, purchase, store, and roast coffee beans on our own, and many people are enjoying the coffee that is particular about the details.


Shirabushi is a roasting brand that originates from Bongen Coffee. Coffee beans are roasted using the original roasting technique " HIGH CRAFT MODEST ROAST " selected from hundreds or thousands of processes . We independently select, purchase, store, and roast coffee beans. Especially in roasting, it removes non-fruit flavors such as astringency, excessive bitterness, smoky taste, and miscellaneous taste to the utmost limit, leading to a clear taste. Despite the high heat power, it was realized by taking in the maximum amount of air and roasting it carefully and carefully.

Please enjoy the original taste of beans realized by consideration for coffee beans and careful consideration, not the flashy and sharp taste.