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Wholesale of coffee beans

High quality, high value-added coffee for increased customer satisfaction.

BONGENCOFFEE also sells wholesale coffee beans handled in our stores. We can provide you with a small quantity of 1 kg or more. Please use them not only as regular products but also as one of the store's variations. As an added value, BONGENCOFFEE can also produce customer-specific coffee beans that will please customers based on data accumulated at actual stores. You can acquire more fans by branding your store with your store's unique coffee beans and adding value to your store.

Order Flow

Step. 01Inquiry

Please contact us through the inquiry form on this website or by phone, and we will respond to your request or question. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to contact us first.

Step. 02Hearing

We will have a detailed hearing about what kind of place and for what purpose the coffee beans will be used. We will also ask you about the degree of roasting (roasting), blend, aroma, flavor, and other details.

Step.03Submission of samples

We will prepare several kinds of coffee beans and deliver them to the customer. We will taste the samples and make suggestions until the customer is satisfied with the results.

Step.04Confirmation of Coffee Beans

Once the taste, aroma, blend, and baking conditions of the coffee beans have been finalized, the coffee beans are officially made into products.
We can still make adjustments after the beans have been finalized, and we will make suggestions according to the customer's preferences.

Step. 05Roasting

Once the coffee beans have been finalized, we roast each order to ensure that the coffee beans are delivered fresh.

Step. 06Delivery and delivery

We will deliver the coffee beans after roasting is complete and delivery is made. After delivery, we provide after-sales support, so please contact us anytime if you have any problems. Please feel free to contact us regarding the delivery date, as we will do our best to deliver in the shortest possible time.

After-sales support

If you wish, we will actually visit your store after roasting and delivery to provide support.

We can
assist you in a wide
range of coffee-related and
matters, such as recipe adjustments, optimal extraction methods, better brewing methods, and flavor adjustments with ingredients.

We can also provide short-term products such as seasonal blends, so please feel free to contact us for more information.


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