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Identity of green coffee beans

What is a green coffee bean?

The green coffee bean is the state of the coffee bean before roasting (roasting). The green coffee bean is light green in color, very hard, and cannot be crushed by a coffee mill.

The coffee bean before it is green is called "coffee cherry" and is round and red in color. When the skin of the coffee cherry is peeled off, there is a yellow pulp inside. The yellow pulp of the coffee cherry is very sweet.

In the center of the pulp are two seeds facing each other. The seeds are surrounded by a thin shell called "parchment" that peels off to reveal the light green seeds.This is the green coffee bean. The green coffee bean is the seed inside the coffee berry.
The green coffee beans we roast and offer to our customers are also these seeds. The green bean is the seed of the coffee berry we are interested in.

There are various processes involved in becoming this seed, such as harvesting the red cherries, peeling, drying, washing, and threshing. This is called the refining process. The taste of the finished green beans varies depending on the refining process.

There are various types of processes, and the number of processes is increasing every year, so we will explain them in another article.


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