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How and where to store coffee beans/refrigerator, freezer, room temperature

How and where to store coffee beans/refrigerator, freezer, room temperature

At first glance, coffee beans do not need to be managed so nervously. However, in reality, coffee beans change their condition day by day. There are many people who drink coffee often but do not know the correct way to store coffee beans, expiration date, and storage location in detail. If you are one of them, please refer to this article.

Do coffee beans go bad?

Many people have the image that coffee beans do not go bad and last for a long time. The appropriate term to describe the deterioration of coffee beans is "acid spoilage," rather than "spoilage" or "no spoilage. The acidification means that the taste, flavor, and aroma unique to coffee change due to oxidation, and the acidity becomes stronger, but this change cannot be seen from the outside. This change cannot be seen visually, but can only be detected by the swelling of the coffee beans when they are ground and boiled in boiling water, or by the aroma.

Therefore, it is difficult to tell the freshness of coffee beans, but since freshness is important, it is important to store coffee beans in the correct way and place in order to prevent deterioration and enjoy their original flavor for a long time.

Causes of Coffee Bean Deterioration

There are four main causes of deterioration in the flavor and aroma of coffee beans.

-Direct sunlight
-Exposure to oxygen
-High temperature
-High humidity

Ultraviolet rays deteriorate coffee beans, so care should be taken to avoid exposure to sunlight or fluorescent light. Also, because they are rich in fat, they oxidize when exposed to oxygen.

High temperature is also not good for maintaining freshness. Storage at low temperatures, such as in a refrigerator, is recommended because the higher the temperature, the more oxidation will occur.

Moisture is also a concern. The small holes in roasted beans can absorb moisture, causing water droplets to form and mold to grow. To keep coffee fresh, understand, control, and prevent the causes of deterioration.

The shelf life of coffee beans is

xtagstartzThe period during which coffee beans can be drunk in good taste