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How to store coffee beans

Did you know that there is a proper storage method for each period to maintain the quality of the coffee beans themselves? Deterioration of coffee beans progresses due to conditions such as light (ultraviolet rays), heat, oxygen, and humidity, and the delicious aroma and flavor are lost. In particular, roasted coffee beans easily absorb moisture, so it is necessary to put them in a closed container so that they are not exposed to the outside air.

No matter how good the coffee extraction technology and cupping are, coffee beans that have not been properly preserved and deteriorated will not taste better than their quality. Therefore, those who are particular about coffee should have knowledge about how to store coffee beans.

・ How to store for 5 days after roasting

On the 5th day after roasting, the taste of coffee comes out well and the release of carbon dioxide becomes calm. If you want to drink it in such a period, you do not need to refrigerate it as long as it is a container that can be sealed and does not allow light to pass through. It is best to store at room temperature in a container such as a storage can or canister.

・ How to store for 2 weeks after roasting

If you want to drink it for 2 weeks, it is recommended to put it in a tighter container, deflate it as much as possible, and store it in a refrigerator. It is inferior to the freshly roasted one, but you can fully feel the taste and flavor of coffee. Put it in a container such as a zip lock and store it in the refrigerator.

・ How to store for 1 month after roasting

Deterioration progresses considerably after one month, so it is important to store it in a more appropriate way in order to maintain its deliciousness. The most optimal method is to use a completely airtight container to deflate as much as possible and store in a freezer. It is best to store it in the freezer in an aluminum bag that is easy to remove air and does not allow ultraviolet rays to pass through.