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Wholesaler of coffee beans

Adding more value with your specialty coffee

There are many people who would like to purchase coffee beans from specialty coffee shops to make many people happy.

We would like to introduce two major types of wholesalers from the perspective of those who actually supply coffee beans to stores.

Types of Wholesalers

1) Major coffee wholesalers


Wholesale prices are low, and they can purchase large quantities (reference price: 1,000 yen to 3,000 yen per kilogram).

Can also purchase other products.


Roasting schedule is fixed, and freshness may be an issue.

The roasting schedule is fixed, and freshness may be an issue.

There is no actual store, so they only deliver coffee beans, and there is no support for store operations.


While low price is the biggest advantage, freshness, taste, and grade are basically low. If you are a business type that does not focus on coffee and need coffee as part of your menu lineup, it may be a good idea to ask a major coffee wholesaler to do so.

(2) Home-roasted coffee specialty stores


Original blends can be made.

Coffee beans are delivered freshly roasted each time.

High quality (high grade) coffee beans are offered.

Branding improvement by partnering with specialty home roasting stores.


High price due to the production of freshly roasted high quality coffee beans. (Reference price: 3,500-5,000 yen/1kg)


Quality, freshness, and taste are all at a high level, and you can offer coffee with a high level of attention to detail, but the price is high for that reason. However, since you can pursue your own unique taste by producing your own original blends, we recommend this store to those who want to increase their fan base with their particular coffee.


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