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Coffee bean size and flavor

Coffee Bean Size and Taste

When you buy coffee beans, how many of you have noticed the difference in the size of coffee beans? In fact, coffee beans are classified according to their size. It is a little difficult to tell the difference in the size of coffee beans after roasting, but it is clear in the case of green coffee beans before roasting. What is the difference between small beans and large beans? How does this affect the flavor?

Screen size

One of the terms used to describe the size of coffee beans is screen size. Screen" means "sieve," and coffee beans are sieved to a uniform size. The screen size is a very important factor in determining the grade of coffee. And the size standard differs from country to country.


Screen 20 8mm
19 7.5mm
18 7mm
17 6.75mm
16 6.5mm
15 6mm
14 6.5mm 5.5mm
13 5mm


Supremo Screen 17 and up
Excelso Screen 14-16
Not for export Screen 13 and below


AA Screen 17-18 and above (from 7.2 mm)
AB Screen 15-16 (6.8 mm and up)
C Screen 15 or less (less than 6.8 mm)
E Very Large Beans

Papua New Guinea

AA 6.95mm and up
A 6.75mm~6.94mm
B 6.55mm~6.74mm
AB Mixture of A and B (A is more than majority)
C 5.95mm~ 5.95mm


Supremo Screen 17 or higher
Excelso Screen 14-16
Not for export Screen 13 or less


G1 Screen size 14 (less than 5.6 mm) to 16 (6.95 mm or larger)
G2 Screen size 12 (less than 4.8mm) - 14 (5.6mm)
G3 Screen size 10 (less than 4.0mm) - 12 (4.8mm)


AA 6.75mm or larger
A 6.25 mm to 6.74 mm
B 6.15mm to 6.24mm
C 5.9mm to 6.14mm

As you can see, standards and descriptions differ by country. The grade of the coffee bean is determined by the screen size, elevation, number of defects, and other factors.

Differences in Taste by Size

The actual taste of coffee beans from all major coffee countries by size is almost the same, and the main focus is on appearance. When coffee beans are lined up in a row, the larger and fuller beans are more beautiful and eye-catching than the smaller and smaller beans.

In recent years, however, with the rise of specialty coffees, more and more people are focusing on taste and flavor rather than size, so size is not so important to them.

After all, coffee is something to be enjoyed by drinking, not by decoration, so "taste" has a high priority.



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