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Typical coffee beans and taste characteristics

Coffee is the most drunk drink in the world and is currently produced in more than 60 countries. In addition to South American countries such as Brazil, production in Asia has been active in recent years, and the production volume is increasing year by year. Here are some typical types of coffee beans made in various countries around the world.

·Blue mountain

Of the coffee produced in Jamaica, only those cultivated in a small part of the production areas are brands.

The finest coffee to be attached. It has a pleasant mouthfeel and is characterized by a smooth throat.

・ Kona

Luxury brand coffee next to Blue Mountain. Very strong acidity, richness and flavor of coffee

You can feel it firmly.

・ Kilimanjaro

Coffee from Tanzania. It is called Kilimanjaro in Japan and has a strong acidity and richness.

It is a feature.


The oldest coffee brand in the world. Famous for Yemeni matari, Ethiopian haller, etc.

In addition to sweetness and richness, this coffee has a unique acidity.

・ Guatemala

Coffee with a fruity acidity and a gorgeous aroma. Each region has its own personality, and in Japan

Is a coffee that has been popular for a long time.


Coffee that is often used as a base for blending and has a well-balanced taste. About

It has a good bitterness and a refreshing acidity.


Mild and well-balanced, the basic taste of coffee. Drink with a soft bitterness and richness

It's coffee.

・ Mandelin

The name comes from the fact that the Mandelin tribe of Sumatra started cultivating. Less sour and strong bitterness

It is a coffee that goes well with rich sweets.

・ Toraja

Coffee that has been cultivated since the end of the 17th century on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Very mellow aroma and richness

It has a thick body and you can feel the smoothness like cream.

・ Java coffee

Coffee from Java, Indonesia. Contrary to its dark appearance, it has less acidity and tastes better.

Good and mild taste. A coffee that is fragrant and easy to drink.

・ Kenya

Coffee with a refreshing flavor like citrus fruits. Good balance of bitterness and acidity, mainly

It has a sweet and elegant taste as a whole with nothing to stretch.

·Costa Rica

A popular country for producing high quality coffee. Rich acidity and rich sweetness in mellowness

You can taste.


A coffee with a smooth throat that resembles the Blue Mountains. Elegant scent and balance

It features a good flavor.