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The secret to brewing a good cup of drip coffee

The secret to brewing a good cup of drip coffee

In recent years, more and more people are making coffee at home, and many of BONGENCOFFEE's customers buy coffee beans and make their own coffee at home.

We would like to introduce to those who make coffee at home the key points and things we take care of when we actually serve coffee to our customers at our store.

Drip coffee flow】】 ① Set the coffee beans.

1) Set coffee beans.

2) Steaming


4) Pour in the coffee beans.

⑤Pull up

Points to keep in mind

1) Set the coffee beans flat on the paper.

Do not shake the beans too much when setting. If you shake them too much, the space between the beans will become clogged.

(2) Steam the first pitch neither too long nor too short.

Steaming should be adjusted according to the freshness of the coffee beans in order to remove gas that interferes with extraction. 30 seconds or 20 seconds is not a definite time, but the time should be changed according to the expansion of the beans.

(3) A no-no after steaming, a drop.

After steaming, there is still gas between the beans. Before the main injection, the remaining gas is released.

(4) Pour in three rounds at a time as if drawing a circle.

Pouring too much at once will result in thin coffee without full flavor.

(5) When the pouring is finished, do not drop the coffee all the way to the end, but pull it up.

If you let the coffee drop all the way to the end, it may cause a tangy, astringent taste.

(6) Finish pouring within 1 minute 40 seconds to 2 minutes.

Pouring too soon will make the coffee too thin, and pouring too late will cause astringency.

(7) The recommended quantity is around 20g for medium coarse grind.

A smaller amount with a fine grind will result in coffee without depth and sweetness.

The above process and points are what we pay attention to when serving coffee in our stores.

There is no right way to make coffee at BONGENCOFFEE, and it varies depending on the type of beans and equipment.


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