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Attraction of Mandarin Coffee

The Appeal of Mandarin Coffee

There are many coffee lovers who would probably name Mandarin as one of their favorite brands. However, many people may only know that it is a high-end brand produced roughly in Indonesia. So this time, we would like to delve a little deeper into the many fans of Mandarin coffee.

Where Mandheling Coffee is Produced

Mandarin originates from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.
Other coffees are produced in Indonesia besides the Mandarin from Sumatra. Java coffee grown on the island of Java and Toraja coffee on the island of Sulawesi are world famous.

Even in Indonesia, the world's fourth largest coffee producing country, Mandheling falls under a rare variety that is only grown in a few percent of the total coffee production. Originally cultivated by the Mandarin people of Sumatra, this coffee is still produced only in a limited area on the island of Sumatra.

Grades of Mandelin Coffee

There are different grades of coffee beans. Each country and region has its own criteria for grading, and coffee beans are judged according to these criteria.

In Indonesia, where Mandheling is produced, the lower the number of defects, the higher the grade.

Mandheling is graded from G1 to G5. Most of the Mandelins sold at home-roasting stores in Japan are G1, the highest quality of all the grades.

Mandelin coffees generally referred to as super grade are those that meet very detailed requirements. Only those that meet the requirements of the region and the altitude at which they are grown are recognized as super grade, making them extremely rare.

Taste and Aroma of Mandarin Coffee

The taste of Mandarin is characterized by its depth and richness. It has a heavy richness and a slightly strong bitterness. This coffee bean also has a milky taste of herbs and cinnamon, and a sweet aftertaste that can be enjoyed all the way through to the lingering finish.

Rarity of Mandarin Coffee

This is about the rarity of Mandarin coffee.

Coffee beans can be broadly classified into three types: Arabica, Canefola (Robusta), and Liberica. Mandarins are coffee beans that fall into the Arabica category. Arabica has a good flavor and taste, but is very labor intensive to grow. Not only is it susceptible to disease, insects, and drought, but it is also famous for its low yield.

In Indonesia, one of the largest coffee producing countries in Asia, about 90% of the coffee beans grown are Canefola. Arabica is the remaining 10%, but not all of it is Mandarin. Of the few Arabicas grown, only a few percent are Mandarins. Because of this, Mandarin is recognized as a high-end brand.



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