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About decaffeination (decaffeinated coffee)

・ What is decaffeination (caffeination-less coffee)?

Decaffeination is a decaffeinated drink and is mainly referred to as decaffeinated coffee. Although it is not well known in Japan, it is widely accepted overseas by people with high health consciousness and occupies about 10 % of the market.

Decaffeination is caffeinated so you can get a good night's sleep even if you drink it at night. In addition, the diuretic effect is suppressed, so you can drink with confidence even when traveling for a long time such as traveling. Not only for pregnant women, but also for those who drink a lot of coffee a day , it is possible to prevent excessive caffeine intake, so it is a drink that you should definitely incorporate into your daily life.

・ How to make a decaffeination

It is necessary to remove caffeine to make decaffeination, but the methods currently mainly used are the method using medicine (organic solvent), the method using water and medicine, and the method using carbon dioxide. There are three main types.

However, these methods are not safe because they use chemicals. SHIRAFUSHI 's decaffeination uses an extraction method called "mountain water process", which is different from those methods, and it is safe to remove caffeine using only natural water without using any chemical chemicals. Please be assured that you are using beans.