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Okura Toen✕ BONGENCOFFEE [Ruri

Okura Toen O O BONGEN


Cup and Saucer

BONGENCOFFEE and Okura Toen, Japan's leading manufacturer of fine art tableware with 100 years of tradition, have collaborated to release a new product. The traditional art tableware of Okura Toen is decorated with BONGENCOFFEE's registered trademark BONSAI logo. The deep blue color of the body, "lapis lazuli," is considered sacred and is also expressed in jewelry, etc. The deep yet transparent color reminds us of the tranquil and fantastic deep sea. Why don't you enjoy a cup of coffee and a noble and fantastic cup and make a moment of relaxation more personal?

Each cup is individually gift-wrapped, so it will make a wonderful gift for a special occasion or for someone special.

Okura Toen

Founded in 1919 by father and son Magobei and Kazuchika Okura. In line with its founding philosophy of "Good above all else," Okura Toen is a leading manufacturer in Japan that has consistently produced hard porcelain of high artistic value.

The company has an integrated production system from product design to completion, and continues to pursue "whiteness of color, hardness of porcelain quality, and smoothness of skin," and maintains unique technology in the field of high-end fine art tableware. The company is also famous for its products being used by the Imperial Family, the Japanese State Guest House, and first-class hotels. Okura Toen not only preserves traditional techniques, but also inherits the spirit of craftsmanship of its founder and is constantly trying new challenges.

White porcelain of Okura Toen

Okura Toen pursues "whiteness of color, hardness of porcelain quality, and smoothness of skin," and has perfected an outstanding technique to create the beauty of perfect white porcelain. The finest kaolin is lavishly used as the base material, and the porcelain is fired at a high temperature of 1,460 degrees Celsius, which is unprecedented in the world. All of Okura Toen's white porcelain products have been produced using the same base material and firing temperature since the company's founding.

Okura Pottery's lapis lazuli

The process of applying cobalt pigment evenly on the white base and firing it in a honyaki kiln is the same as that used for Okazome. The cobalt pigment is uniformly blended into the glazed surface of the white fabric, producing a lustrous deep azure blue color. The border between lapis lazuli and white porcelain produces a unique and beautiful blotchiness.

Gold at Okura Toen

Okura Touen uses gold of nearly 24-karat purity for all of its gold-encrusted products. As a result, they display a graceful brilliance. The gold coloring on the rim and handle is applied by hand, one by one, with a brush by a craftsman.

Product Details

Size: [Cup] Diameter: approx. 90mm, Length: approx. 115mm, Height: approx. 70mm
Saucer】diameter: approx. 150mm, height: approx. 20mm
Full capacity: 295cc
Country of origin: Japan



2-16-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Weekdays, weekends and holidays


Ginza station 8 min.

Higashi-ginza station 4 min.

Tsukiji station 6 min.