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Appeal of shallow roasted coffee

The Appeal of Shallow-Roasted Coffee

The difference between shallow-roasted and deep-roasted coffee is the acidity or bitterness. Deep-roasted coffee has a strong bitterness, while shallow-roasted coffee is not only bitter but also fruity. In the past, coffee beans were generally dark and bitter, but with the rise of specialty coffees, shallow roasted coffee has become one of the most popular types of coffee. There are even some coffee specialty stores that exclusively offer shallow roast. Many coffee lovers may have had a cup of shallow roast coffee before, but for those who have never had it, it may be hard to imagine a coffee that is not bitter and fruity. Here is a partial explanation of shallow roast coffee.

Original fruity flavor

In shallow roasting, the roasting temperature is lower than in deep roasting, and the original fruity flavor of the beans is preserved. Deep roasting is done at around 220°C, while shallow roasting is done at around 180°C to 190°C. The lower the roasting temperature, the more fruitiness is retained. The lower the roasting temperature, the closer the coffee is to its raw bean state, and the higher the moisture content, the more the flavor of the coffee cherry can be felt. The taste can be described as sour or fruity. Examples include tea, berry, blackcurrant, grape, orange, golden sugar, green apple, etc.

Recommended coffee regions for shallow roasting

Coffee beans come from different regions and have different characteristics depending on their origin. You may have heard of Ethiopia for shallow roast and Colombia for deep roast. Here are the recommended regions for shallow roast coffee.





These regions have a pleasant fruity taste, such as black tea and green apple, and a characteristic sweetness, so they may have many fans. When you go to a coffee shop, why not check these regions and ask for a shallow roast?

For those who usually drink deep-roasted coffee with a bitter taste, there were many unfamiliar words such as fruity, black tea, and apple. You may be wondering if you can really taste such flavors from coffee. If so, why don't you try the new sensation of shallow roasting?



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