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How many days are delicious after roasting?

・ Is it possible to drink coffee deliciously 2-3 days after roasting?

Coffee beans are fresh, but in fact, it is said that beans 2-3 days after roasting can bring out the deliciousness of coffee more than coffee beans immediately after roasting. The reason is that the coffee beans immediately after roasting contain gas such as carbon dioxide, and if the coffee is extracted as it is, the gas interferes with the extraction of coffee and it cannot be extracted efficiently. As time passes after roasting, the gas is released, so it is recommended to let it sit for several days before using it.

・ What is coffee bean aging?

When coffee beans are roasted, their flavor slowly matures and changes. Such aging is called "aging", and you can enjoy the deep taste of coffee that has been completed over many years.

・3 days after roasting

It has a light and clear taste, and each characteristic such as bitterness, acidity, and richness stands out. Since it still contains a lot of gas, the extraction efficiency is poor and the coffee concentration tends to be low, but this is recommended for those who like refreshing coffee.

・3 to 10 days after roasting

The overall balance is good, and the taste of beans is harmonious with bitterness, acidity, and richness. You can adjust the bitterness, acidity, and richness according to the coffee extraction time, so you can enjoy your favorite taste.

・10 to 20 days after roasting

You can feel the rich richness and mild bitterness, and the aged taste is born. Since most of the gas is out, the swelling is much weaker and it is difficult to extract, but if you extract it well, you can enjoy a deep-tasting coffee.

・20 days to 1 month after roasting

You can feel the delicate and profound flavor in the solid and profound taste. Fully aged coffee beans have a condensed flavor and you can enjoy a deep finish with each drink. When extracting, the point is to brew so that the hot water spreads throughout.