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What is good coffee?

What is good coffee?

Many people may not have a clear idea of what is meant by good coffee.

It may be bitter, astringent, sour, or something roughly like that.

What we consider delicious is the taste of the fruitiness of the coffee, the roasted taste without any harshness or astringency.

If these are removed, the taste itself does not change much even after the coffee has cooled down over time, which is also a characteristic of good coffee.

Therefore, from the selection of coffee beans to the roasting process, we make sure that the coffee is free from any unwanted taste or astringency.

Unusual Expressions

In recent years, an increasing number of specialty coffee shops in Taito use expressions such as "chocolate," "orange," and "grapefruit" in their flavors. It is true that compared to commercial grade coffees, specialty coffees that have been carefully selected can have such flavors. However, many people, except for coffee shop owners who drink a lot of coffee on a regular basis, have a hard time recognizing such flavors.

Sweetness, Bitterness, and Acidity

The three basic tastes are sweetness, acidity, and bitterness. In rare cases, umami and salty tastes are also used, but these are the three basic tastes.

Bitterness and acidity are usually perceived when drinking coffee, even if you are not conscious of them. However, sweetness is difficult to perceive only by the taste when you put it in your mouth, and you can feel it softly if you are conscious of the aroma and the aftertaste.

After all, coffee is a matter of taste.

Coffee has a wide variety of flavors, but in the end, as long as the flavors that should not be present are removed, the rest is a matter of taste.

If you like bitter coffees, we recommend that you choose a deep roast, and if you do not like bitterness and prefer a fruity taste, we recommend that you choose a shallow to medium roast.

We believe that you will enjoy drinking coffee more if you try a variety of coffees and discover your favorite coffee.



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