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Wholesale coffee beans in Ginza

Wholesale Coffee Bean Distributor in Ginza


SHIRAFUSHI sells a variety of home-roasted coffee beans as well as wholesale coffee beans.

We also sell our own original coffee blends such as BONGEN COFFEE BLEND and SHIRAFUSHI BLEND, naturally grown coffee beans from Uganda that can only be produced in limited areas, and organic decaf coffee beans made from organically grown beans with no chemicals and only high quality water to remove caffeine. We have a lineup of highly popular and reputable products such as organic decaf coffee beans, which are decaffeinated using only high-quality water and no chemicals.

Coffee beans roasted by our company after ordering are delivered the next day at the earliest possible time. We are sure that our freshly roasted coffee beans will help increase your store's sales, so please take advantage of our freshly roasted, delicious coffee beans.


SHIRAFUSHICOFFEEROASTERS is a roasting brand that originated from Bongen Coffee.

We use a unique roasting technique called "HIGH CRAFT MODEST", which is selected from hundreds and thousands of processes. HIGH CRAFT MODEST ROAST We roast coffee beans using our original "HIGH CRAFT MODEST ROAST" roasting technique, which is selected from hundreds and thousands of processes.

We do everything on our own, from coffee bean selection, purchasing, and storage to roasting. Especially in roasting, we remove astringency, excessive bitterness, smokiness, and other non-fruit tastes to the utmost limit, leading to a clear taste.

This is achieved by carefully and slowly roasting the coffee with maximum air intake despite the high heat.

Please enjoy the original flavor of the beans, which is not a flashy or sharp taste, but is realized through care and attention to detail for the coffee beans.



2-16-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Weekdays, weekends and holidays


Ginza station 8 min.

Higashi-ginza station 4 min.

Tsukiji station 6 min.