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PREMIUM special order CHEMEX

BONGENCOFFEE has collaborated with CHEMEX, a high-end coffee maker that has been a favorite of BONGENCOFFEE since the company's founding, to release a new product. The logo of BONGENCOFFEE is engraved on the front center. BONGENCOFFEE also offers and enjoys the best coffee made with CHEMEX. We have received official approval from CHEMEX to commercialize the CHEMEX coffee maker as a BONGENCOFFEE original. We are confident that this product will be a great choice for those who want to enjoy their daily coffee with a great taste and design. We hope you will take this opportunity to try it.


The Chemex coffee maker was created by Dr. Peter Schrambohm, an eccentric German-born chemist. He began developing the coffee maker after questioning the lack of ideal tasting coffee.

At the time, Dr. Schrambohm had only one thing on his mind. Dr. Schrambohm had only one thing on his mind at the time: to create a device that would allow anyone to easily brew delicious coffee.

Using all of his knowledge as a chemist, he carefully examined the glass funnels and flasks in his laboratory and added a "spout" and "air passage" to them. He fused these modified glass funnels and flasks into a single piece of glass, added a wooden handle, and named it "Chemex.

Because of its functional beauty, over the years the Chemex coffee maker has been recognized as a distinctive piece of American design and is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

6-Cup Classic Series

This 6-cup cup has a diameter of 14 cm x height of 21.5 cm and an actual capacity of approximately 900 ml. The large practical capacity of 900 ml makes it suitable for a large number of people, such as when you have guests over. The 510ml scale is located at the bottom of the glass and can be used as a guide for brewing coffee without a measuring cup.

How to use CHEMEX

Using CHEMEX is easy.
Simply set the paper (cone shape) in this CHEMEX.
The extraction hole is neither too large nor too small, so you can adjust the extraction speed to some extent, so you can brew coffee carefully, or even when you are not in a hurry, you can brew delicious coffee just by pouring. The transparent design makes it easy to see the contents, so you can brew coffee while checking the coffee's capacity, which is another unique feature of Chemex. Enjoy your ideal coffee the BONGEN way with your favorite coffee beans.
You can use genuine Chemex paper for 6 cups or conical drip paper such as Hario paper filter for 3~4 cups.

Approved by CHEMEX

This Chemex is approved by CHEMEX. CHEMEX is currently sold in various places, but please note that there are many unapproved products.



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Weekdays, weekends and holidays


Ginza station 8 min.

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