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Tiger tail
Tiger tail
Tiger tail

Tiger tail

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Tiger Tail


This is SHIRAFUSHIROASTERS' highest quality line of coffee beans . The name "Tiger's Tail" comes from the legend of stepping on a tiger's tail. It is named for those who are willing to venture into expensive and special flavors. The roasting degree is high roast (shallow roast) , which allows you to enjoy the fruitiness of the coffee the most. We know that you have been drinking many kinds of coffee. Have you ever had so many kinds of coffee that you want to try something new? We are confident that this "Tora-no-o-tail " is the best choice for such a time. Enjoy a completely different kind of coffee by yourself or with your friends and family.

The package is a premium package.
The luxurious foil stamping on the package will give it a luxurious and special feeling that your recipient will be delighted with.

Coffee Beans

Colombia El Paraiso Estate Anaerobic

The post-harvest process is carried out at El Paraiso Estate, located at an altitude of 1,930 meters, and by adding innovations in anaerobic fermentation and drying methods, this product has a unique taste and flavor.

The cherries undergo anaerobic fermentation for 48 hours at a temperature of 18°C (64°F), and after de-pulping they undergo anaerobic fermentation again for 96 hours at a temperature of 19°C (66°F).
In the rinsing process, the cherries are first washed in hot water at 40°C and then again in water at 12°C. In the drying process, the cherries are washed at 35°C and then in water at 12°C.
In the drying process, the beans are dried for 34 hours at a temperature of 35°C and a humidity of 25°C. The moisture content is 11%.

The process is mostly water rinsing, but fermentation is carried out in closed tanks using bacteria that can live without oxygen, resulting in a unique flavor. The product is a high quality product that has undergone a very complicated process, including the pulping, second fermentation after removal, and temperature control of the rinsing process.

The aroma is strawberry chocolate, and the intense fruity flavor is reminiscent of Geisha, which is also famous for its high quality.

The production process and quality are high, and considering that it is difficult to obtain from the green bean stage, it has a very high chance of being sold at a high price.


Strawberry chocolate

Refining Method

Double Anaerobic Fermentation

Product details

Item:Regular coffee
Ingredient name: Coffee beans
Green bean producing country:Colombia
Content: 200g
Storage method: Keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
Precautions for use: Please consume as soon as possible after opening.
Manufactured and distributed by: SHIRAFUSHI/BONGENCOFFEE

Customer Reviews

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A Really Unique Coffee

This was quite an introduction, as I had never tried a light roast (and went straight to buying a whole bag of it). From the color, I expected sharpness but the umami was a surprise. It reminded me of other fermented food.