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BONGEN Gold Line Mug

BONGEN Gold Line Mug

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Gold Line Mug

White & Gold Line

BONGENCOFFEE is pleased to announce the release of our first original mug.
We have been planning to produce this mug for several years, and finally realized it thanks to the kindness of the kiln.
The color of the body is a special-ordered pure white, which we requested from the kiln. This mug is even whiter than the usual white, giving it a sense of transparency and luxury.

The specifications include a gold line at the mouth, a gold logo on the front, and a HOMEROASTED mark on the back of the cup. This gold is all custom-made gold with a higher gold purity, so it is brighter and shinier than the standard gold.

It is a BONGEN specification, which is an outlier among the many mugs available.
We hope you will enjoy this one-of-a-kind mug for yourself, for your guests, for going out, for your office, and for various other special occasions.


The shape is classic and dignified.
In recent years, there have been many stylish and well-designed shapes, but we dared to express BONGENCOFFEE's character with a classic, lovely, and dignified shape.
It is a classic mug that will never go out of style and can be used for a long time.


350cc capacity allows you to enjoy a large amount at a time.
While most mugs have a capacity of around 200cc~300cc, this 350cc mug has a large capacity. We recommend this mug for those who want a large capacity or want to enjoy a large amount of coffee at a time.
It is also a versatile size that can be used for brewing coffee in a drip bag without worry.
How about adding a large capacity mug to your lineup?

Product Details

Item name: BONGEN Gold Line Mug
Country of origin: Japan
Body weight: 242g
Content volume: 350cc
Size: H77㎜×91φ
Color: White x gold line

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Fantastic mug, purchased as a belated souvenir from visiting the shop in Tokyo, arrived quickly and looks even better in person!