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High spec lightweight stainless steel bottle.
The body color is a subdued tone of blue, and the logo color is a traditional Japanese chestnut plum color, expressing a Japanese classic.
This unique coloring is recommended for those who are not satisfied with basic colors.
This is a versatile model that combines high performance and ease of use.

It can be used not only for everyday use, but also for a wide range of activities, from mountain climbing, snowy mountains, and other harsh environments to outings and accompaniments when going to work.

This product is available only online and quantities are limited.

Unparalleled lightness

The ultra-light weight of less than 200g is equivalent to that of a smartphone.
The ultra-light weight was achieved by minimizing the thickness of the stainless steel to the utmost limit.
The weight of your luggage can be a big stress when you go out, but "BONGENBOTTLE" eliminates such worries. You can carry it without worrying about the weight. It is especially useful in severe conditions such as mountain climbing.

Unprecedented heat and cold retention effects

The thinner stainless steel makes the contact area between the inner and outer bottles smaller, reducing heat conduction and greatly improving heat and cold retention. In addition to the improved heat-retaining performance due to the reduced weight, the inner wall of the vacuum section is coppercoated to further enhance the heat-retaining effect. The copper coating prevents heat transfer, which cannot be prevented in a normal vacuum, and blocks heat from escaping to the outside.

Odor and stain resistance

Electropolished to resist odors and stains. The stainless steel surface on the inside of the bottle is uneven at a level that cannot be seen, and dirt tends to accumulate there. The stem is electrolytically polished to a shiny surface, making it resistant to stains and odor transfer after use, allowing for repeated use without worrying about coffee or salty sports drinks, which tend to retain odors.

Product Details

Ingredients: Stainless steel (body and ring) Polypropylene (lid, inner stopper, strap, hook) Polyester (Velcro, tag) Silicone rubber (lid, inner stopper)
Capacity 500ml
Heat retention: 73°C 73°C or higher or higher (6 hours hours (6 hours )
Cold holding capacity 7°C (45°F) or lower or less (6 hours )
Size: Width 80 mm x Height 225mm x Depth 70mm
Weight: Approx. 195 g

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